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Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Computer hardware failures, software glitches, and human errors are the main causes, and even though hacking and viruses grab headlines, they are relatively rare compared to these everyday challenges.

Our Tailored Disaster Recovery Solutions in New York City

At Manhattan Tech NYC, we understand that every business is unique, and so are their disaster recovery needs. However, our disaster recovery plans are designed around three key factors:

1. Downtime Costs: We help you assess the cost of downtime for your business.

2. Recovery Point: We work with you to determine how much data loss is acceptable in the event of a disaster.

3. Recovery Time: We help you plan how quickly you need to get your systems back up and running.

Planning for a Brighter Future

Manhattan Tech NYC takes the time to identify the greatest threats to your system’s recovery and develops comprehensive plans to mitigate those risks. A solid disaster recovery plan ensures a swift recovery when needed and can lead to insurance discounts, operational continuity, and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind.

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Benefits & Advantages our IT Support Services

Our Manhattan Managed IT Services

Cybersecurity intelligently designed to flex with your organization’s appropriate risk-level appetite.

Our clients’ data is always secured, thanks to our comprehensive cloud backup solutions.

Cloud services enable companies to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Fixed pricing managed services that solve pesky computer problems while their still small, alleviating the potential for costly downtime.

Our IT Services allow information technology to act as a backbone to your growth.

Reliable phone service at a fraction of what you are currently paying the traditional phone company.

Benefits Data Backup and Disaster recovery

At Manhattan Tech NYC, we’ve got your back when it comes to safeguarding the integrity of your systems. Our network backup and recovery services are here to ensure that your essential business data remains accessible, even in the face of unexpected outages.

We know that every business is unique, and that’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you run a financial firm, a governmental organization, or a non-profit, we understand that your recovery needs can vary. That’s why we offer flexible plans tailored to meet the specific demands of your organization.

Our Network Backup & Recovery Service Options include:

  1. On-Premise Backup Solutions: Keep your data safe right where you need it.

  2. Cloud Replication: Harness the power of the cloud to back up your vital information.

  3. Hybrid On-Premise / Cloud Backup Solution: Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach.

But it’s not just about data protection; it’s about mitigating data risk. Our advanced recovery solution is fully customizable to ensure that your recovery time objectives (RTO) are met. We’re not just focused on getting your data back; we’re committed to providing you with a seamless user experience tailored to your precise organizational needs.

With Manhattan Tech NYC, you can rest easy knowing that your systems and data are in good hands. Don’t wait until disaster strikes – let us help you fortify your IT infrastructure and keep your business running smoothly, no matter what comes your way.

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