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Manhattan Cloud Backup

The only way to ensure data security these days is to have a cloud backup option. If all your data backups are in the same physical location then they can all go down at the same time. The biggest mistake which most companies make when making backups is that they do not consider all the consequences. Most companies keep data backups simply so that their data will be safe if one of their storage servers goes down. They think that if one server is down another server can do the job.

The biggest mistake with this thinking is that it doesn’t consider the other items that can break and affect the server’s ability to work. Sure, a server can take place instead of a server that isn’t working anymore, but what if there is a network issue in the server area? Then none of the servers will be able to serve as the backup. Also, if there are any environmental concerns, such as a blackout, all servers in one area can go down.

We provide cloud backups that promise to stay up. If one of your locations is down then only the people in that location will be affected. In the world of internet your clients expect you to be online at all times. We empower your storage and create cloud backups which can be accessed whenever needed. Any damage or fire will not affect your backed up data, because the backup will be in a safe place.

The best part is that cloud backups actually cost less than buying a whole server to store your files. Thus the solution Manhattan IT Support provides to you will reduce costs for your company while raising dependability. We design cloud systems according to your needs and will make sure your investment benefits you as much as possible.

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